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PROGNOST®-SenSim, SK1 Starter Kit
  • PROGNOST®-SenSim, GD1 Generator
  • PROGNOST®-SenSim, PG2 Power Supply for Generator
  • PROGNOST®-SenSim, HH2 Handheld
  • PROGNOST®-SenSim, PH3 Power Supply for Handheld
  • PROGNOST®-SenSim, GD-HH cable 2.0m
  • PROGNOST®-SenSim, TriggerNamur-CutEnd cable 2,5m
  • PROGNOST®-SenSim, Trigger-ShortCircuit plug
  • PROGNOST®-SenSim, 2 pcs. CH1/2-CutEnd cable 2,5m
  • PROGNOST®-SenSim, Ch1/Ch2-ShortCircuit plug
  • PROGNOST®-SenSim, StrainGauge-CutEnd cable 2,5m
  • PROGNOST®-SenSim, LubeOil-CutEnd cable 2,5m
  • PROGNOST®-SenSim, Case1
  • PROGNOST®-SenSim, Manual A5


Item Order Number
PROGNOST®-SenSim, HH2 Handheld 3000067
PROGNOST®-SenSim, PH3 Power Supply for Handheld 3000068
PROGNOST®-SenSim, GD1 Generator 3000060
PROGNOST®-SenSim, PG2 Power Supply for Generator 1003296
PROGNOST®-SenSim, CH1/2-VibrationMIL cable 2,5m 3000071
PROGNOST®-SenSim, CH1/2-PressureM16 cable 2,5m 3000072
PROGNOST®-SenSim, CH1/2-PressureM12 cable 2,5m 1003593
PROGNOST®-SenSim, TriggerNamur-M12 cable 2,5m 3000075

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